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madelyn alger from nc, usa
20/01/2016 20:59:02
It was pretty awesome...BANAKAFALATTA!!!!

Michaela Stewart from United States
19/01/2016 23:31:21
Carry on my wayward son

tardis2016 from TULSA
18/01/2016 16:50:45
tardiss' rock

Sarah from Minnesota
16/01/2016 04:41:42
Cappalappacheer is here. No need to worry.

Brooklyn from My Mind Palace
14/01/2016 22:46:06
Are you my mummy?

sam from the impala
11/01/2016 22:10:20
you are cool cas. keep on going

annalise casteliano from france
11/01/2016 22:09:12
i love david tennant more than my mother

Castiel from Dean said to say traveling
09/01/2016 05:29:42
I do not understand. What am I commenting on?

Fish fingers and custard from Somewhere near the end of the universe
06/01/2016 21:55:31

The Wanderer from Dalek Mother Ship
06/01/2016 16:25:16
Im intererested on see the Twelfth Doctor's description. I love all the descriptions you have on the Doctors and the episodes themselves. Whoops. I have to go now. There might be a slight chance that Im near a bomb that's about to self destruct. In the name of Rassolin why Daleks!?!?

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