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nyx from M42
23/10/2023 13:53:51
jack here. slight problem met with the doctor and have been left. send help please, also something to do 'cause it is boring as hell out here.
I dont have cords so just come to M42

Oswin from Somewhere, Somewhen
17/11/2021 08:42:34
Reading through these comments is fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

Emily Winters from my bedroom
02/10/2020 23:05:52
always bring a banana to parties
apples are rubbish

ty-lea from ramsgate
19/06/2020 15:44:51
I am going to make a dr who film based on the film pyco and call it dr who: meets pyco. do a 2 hour animashion film.

Charlotte Pollard from Somewhere between dimensions
27/07/2019 13:36:33
Anyone know where the Doctor is? I've just had a wonderful time escaping from the Nine with his friends Liv and Helen, and some other lass called Bliss. I'd like to give him a piece of my mind about how he sat in his TARDIS whilst us girls had to do all the work!

The Doctor from The TARDIS
02/08/2018 02:28:06
Hello is anyone receving this? Ive had a little accident...... I mau have accidentially shut down the power in the vortex....... And yea youve probely guesed whats heppend commander of the high council of gallifrey Please Help!

The doctor from Earth
26/06/2018 13:36:32
How are all my fellow time lords doing?

The doctor from Tardis
03/03/2018 21:26:34
hello I'm on my way to meet Elvis P oh and someone get me fish fingers and custard maybe some jelly babies before I go and meet Elvis P ok thanks Oh Rani I saw your message by the way.

The Commander from Sweden, Longhorn. 1876.
27/11/2017 19:11:21

Experiment 6 has escaped.

The Experiment contains 6 angels who have been moved to stare at each other. One was moved by a rebel who wanted to destroy them, now dead. All angels have escaped.

Warning. Do not come to Longhorn.

The Teller from Gallifrey
19/11/2017 00:24:52
Okay I finally escaped. Meeting with the doctor in 1823 Paris France Earth. He should be here any minute now...

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