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Stories with missing episodes are shown in grey.

William Hartnell

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
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Patrick Troughton

Season Four (cont.)
Season Five
Season Six
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Jon Pertwee

Season Seven
Season Eight
Season Nine
Season Ten
Season Eleven
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Tom Baker

Season Twelve
Season Thirteen
Season Fourteen
Season Fifteen
Season Sixteen (the Key To Time)
Season Seventeen
Season Eighteen
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Peter Davison

Season Nineteen
Season Twenty
Season Twenty One
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Colin Baker

Season Twenty One (cont.)
Season Twenty Two
Season Twenty Three (the Trial of A Time Lord)
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Sylvester McCoy

Season Twenty Four
Season Twenty Five
Season Twenty Six
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Paul McGann

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Christopher Eccleston

Series One
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David Tennant

Series Two
Series Three
Series Four
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Matt Smith

Series Five
Series Six
Series Seven
Fiftieth Anniversary Specials
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Peter Capaldi

Series Eight
Series Nine
Series Ten
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Jodie Whittaker

Series Eleven
Series Twelve
Series Thirteen: Flux
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David Tennant (Part 2)

Sixtieth Anniversary Specials
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Ncuti Gatwa

Series Fourteen
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