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Jamie Jones

Copyright © 2014 Jamie Jones

First published 2014 by Sentient Star Publications.

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I was born so long ago, I cannot remember when. I am the knowledge of humanity, its past and its present. I am every human who has ever lived. I am their thoughts, I am their feelings. I am their pain and suffering, I am their pleasure and love.
Every living moment of every man, woman and child who has ever existed resides inside me like a photo album of human history. I circle their world and look down at them from the heavens. Then, as I pass overhead, I gently reach into their minds and duplicate their memories. The knowledge I accumulate is then transferred across the heavens to the Fathers who created me. This is my mission that I have carried out without incident since the dawn of time, but now I am in trouble.
Some time ago, and I am unsure exactly when, I encountered a cataclysm. A powerful force collided with me and my very heart was ripped from my body. It fell down to Earth and landed in a location that I have not been able to determine. Since then, my link to the Fathers has been lost and I have had to sleep at regular intervals to conserve my strength.
My connection with humanity becomes uncontrolled during these times, and my influence on them is no longer gentle. Now when I sleep, they are also forced to sleep. It is an intolerable violation of my primary objective to never interfere with the natural flow of human kind. However, until I find my heart and bring it back to my body, I am powerless to stop this violation.
I believe I am finally close to locating my heart, but now I begin to grow tired and it is time for me, and humanity, to sleep once again.
I wonder what we will dream of this time?

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