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The Rani from Gallifrey
19/02/2017 14:58:40
Universe beware - I, the Rani, have returned! At last I will wreak my vengeance on that meddling Doctor and his infuriating companions!

FlatCapPro from An endless void of code
17/11/2016 20:37:23
Communication attempt #37
FlatCapPro here, just one last attempt at communication before those creatures break in and devour us all, would just like to say I'm a real big fan of Doctor Who, he is a really cool guy. One last thing, the coordinates to the portal to access this area is *Human scream* DAMN!The're getting in! Don't bother trying to find us or the portal but here are the coordinates anyway. The coord...*metallic banging**metal tearing**static*

Harry from Naperville
12/11/2016 17:07:27
Where are you doctor?

Rotcod from time vortex
22/10/2016 13:40:52
Doctor who is the best. Can't wait for it to return at christmas

Jorax from London
16/08/2016 19:06:27
HELP! My T.A.R.D.I.S crashed in London, 1947. I am trying to return to Skaro to meet Davros. I'm using the TARDIS interface to communicate with you all.

Logan macleod from Pictou novascotia
29/06/2016 21:56:26
Great show with better fans

Sherlock Winchester from The Impala
22/02/2016 03:15:24
Don't Blink

The Master from Everywhere
17/02/2016 15:14:05
I want the Tardis! I will have it!

Lord Ramasus from The Tardis
05/02/2016 17:05:55
Look, I am stuck in he Tardis , and I need your help. IN exchange for one thing.Your life....

Misha Verny from Czech Republic, Europe
03/02/2016 22:42:05
Hello Sweeties! Can´t wait for season 10? I bet it will be full of Spoilers!

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